Your Favorite Club’s Favorite Club

It’s an old stick, but it’s in the bag. Of course it’s in the bag. That club got you past a tricky up and down when money was on the line. Or maybe it’s your rescue club that always seems to find green grass and a good angle. Whatever it is, you’ll be glad you have it at Rio Secco.

Most of the time, the “one shot that keeps you coming back” is struck with the same club. It’s either what got you out of trouble, or it’s the club that got you close. You can hit it long, short, hard, soft, with a butter-cut, fade or draw. Just hitting those shots is fun, and fun is what you’ll find at Rio Secco. You get a chance to let it rip off the tee. You’re tasked with dialing in your distance on every approach shot. You’re kindly asked to avoid three-putt pars. And, most importantly, when you run into a little bit of trouble, you can rely on your favorite club to get you right back into scoring distance.

It’s shot-making ability that’s tested at Rio Secco. And while the Rees Jones-design will test your mettle, you’ll never be out of reach of your goal.

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