What Your Round is Missing: A Snack at the Turn

It’s happened to everyone at some point on the golf course. Everything is going smoothly, putts are rolling in, iron play is on point and you’re finally going to show the low handicap in your regular foursome who’s boss. Then it all falls apart. Why? Short answer is you’re probably hungry.

The body’s primary source of energy for every cell in the body is glucose – a form of sugar – and when your glucose levels drop just a little bit, brain functions like thinking, memory and learning dip as well. Without proper blood sugar levels, you can kiss that successful swing thought and your dialed-in, 120-yard approach shot goodbye. Combine a rumbling belly with the Vegas heat and you have a recipe for a poor round.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Of course, eating correctly isn’t enough to beat the heat on the golf course. You have to make sure your body also has enough water to get through 18 when the cart path turns into a mirage. Keep an eye on your body and listen to what it tells you. Drink water liberally, not just when you think you’re thirsty and never ever ration water. If you experience headaches, dizziness, dry skin or you begin to feel more tired than usual at 10 AM, seek shade and replenish your body’s water reserves. Don’t feel bad if you have to take a hole or two off. Better to get home safe than push yourself past your limits.

Golf in the heat should be fun, not a punishment, and the good news is Rio Secco Golf Club has the perfect solution to keep your Las Vegas golf experience in line with your goals. Just grab a snack at the turn. Rolling past 9 green to 10 tee puts players right in line with the Snack Bar at the practice range where they can pick up all sorts of quick bites to balance blood sugar levels and keep them focused and energized. So grab a banana or a small snack and turn that round around, and always remember to stay hydrated. And if your quick bite before the round or at the turn isn’t enough on a triple-digit day, Rio Secco Golf Club’s beverage cart personnel will be available twice each nine holes in case you find yourself a little low on sugar. Happy pin hunting, and stay hydrated.

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