5 Reasons Why Yoga Will Help Your Golf Game

PGA TOUR Golfers Are Doing It? You Should, Too!

If you’ve ever walked up to the practice facility at Rio Secco Golf Club feeling stiff, tired, sore or just not at your very best, maybe it’s time to incorporate yoga into your regular schedule. Sure, the health benefits of yoga have been documented for centuries, known to improve vitality and general wellness. But will it really help your golf game? The short answer is “yes.”

Thankfully, Rio Secco is hosting an hour of complimentary Yoga by Christiana on the hilltop overlooking the Las Vegas Valley, where guests of the golf club can learn the basics and a few insider tips and tricks to help their golf game from a certified and experienced instructor. And in case you need a little extra prodding to give yoga a try out at Rio Secco, here are five reasons practicing Yoga will improve your golf game, especially when looking out at a beautiful view.


Reserve your space by sending us an email or by calling 702-777-2423. We will confirm your place in the next scheduled class.  And don’t forget to bring your mat, towel, bottled water and a friend.

Improved Flexibility

Not getting the shoulder turn or trunk rotation you’re looking for in your backswing? One of the best results from practicing yoga on a regular basis is increased flexibility, which will allow you to perform a full turn to send the ball down the fairway with gusto.

Improved Focus

Isometric exercises used in yoga practice require focus and breathing techniques that can only help your golf game. So the next time you’re standing over that four-foot knee knocker for par on 18 to clinch the skins game with your group, you’ll be ready.

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Improved Strength

The isometric hold positions in yoga aren’t just for focus. The muscle strength required for most yoga positions is enough to make Bruce Lee break a sweat and will increase your overall strength. Yoga won’t transform you from Skinny Pete into Hulk Hogan, but it does strike the perfect balance if you’re looking to hit the ball further but you’re not a big fan of going to the gym.

Improved Balance

Speaking of balance, it’s all but required to build a solid golf swing. Without it, all sorts of problems start to creep up like poor weight transfer, hip rotation and arm path. Yoga gives your core the attention it deserves so you can spend more time in the slot and less time in the fairway rough.

Improved Durability

Regular exercise, flexibility training and abdominal work – all accomplished through practicing yoga – will help your body manage the nicks, bruises, sprains and soreness that comes with playing regular rounds at Rio Secco.

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